Your hoses are often an expensive and important part in your production processes. But hoses can often be an obstacle and are therefore susceptible to damage that may arise by driving over them, falling down, bending and kinking. This can reduce the lifespan of your hoses significantly. The Hosebun™ offers optimal support and protection, and guarantees the flow of the substance you want to transport through the hose . The Hosebun™ therefore increases the lifespan of your expensive hoses considerably, and ensures that the flow remains optimal.

  • Optimal support

    The specially developed shape of the Hosebun™ saddle, made from strong polyurethane material, results in the Hosebun™ providing optimal support for your hose or cable.

  • Optimal protection

    Look at the Hosebun™ product overview to see which Hosebun best suits your needs and take the step today to optimize, treat and protect your valuable cables and hoses.

  • Optimal flow

    Whether it’s liquid, solids and/or other media, the flow through your hose or cable combined with the Hosebun™ is optimal, and without constrictions or blockages due to being suspended.

  • Invest to save costs

    Besides significantly expanding the life of your hoses and/or cables with the use of the Hosebun™, the delays in your production process due to constriction, damage or breakage are greatly reduced.